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Recently NamaSpirit has dropped off a few meditation stools, one to Wren at the Lotus Seed Yoga School, Orange Carbon Yoga and One to the tea monk at Heavens tea. Namaspirit wants people to feel comfortable, and we enjoy hearing back from you, let us know about your experiences with tea and yoga.

How many times have you sat down during a yoga class or anytime and realized your knees hurt, or your back is uncomfortable with the positioning and there is no real place of comfort to be found?

Obviously the older you get the more aches and pains a person has; however, don’t let that stop you from doing your meditation or being able to sit comfortably with friends and share some TEA or deKombucha. The key is to find perfect balance / harmony and spinal alignment.

Stools that keep pressure off the knees, align the spine and just plain feels good!

deZengoDESIGNS, from our NamaSpirit TN friends, worked with local wellness experts on this project for almost 3 years.  The stools were available for guests attending the “Get Back to NATURE(al)” Weekend Retreat The stools were unveiled for their yoga classes.

The Most Comfortable Way to Sit!

Try one and experience it for yourself.

There are stand alone models and several with folding legs for easy storage or travel. For more information on the stools contact us at :: MeditationStools@deZengo.com

Now when you must sit – you can do it with Nonmind!

To place your order CLick HERE >>>

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