Middle Tennessee
deZengo Moore
I am a local independent yoga teacher reaching out to other independent yoga teachers who are interested in pooling resources to rent space(s) or teach on/near Fall Creek Falls State Park. Opportunities & Resources Available for Yoga:

-The Betty Dunn Nature Center (20 max)
-Inn Conference Rooms (75 +) -Outdoor Scenery w/Waterfalls (unlimited)
-Office Space Available for Rent in nearby Pikeville, TN
-Part of the NamaSpirit Yoga Alliance Together (and alone) we work to consciously collaborate as we change the world
– from the inside out! Why Join Efforts? We offer this as an Olive Branch for peace because there is no better way to solve problems than to join hands & minds as we each journey toward Go(o)D! What’s to Gain?
-Exposure to different teaching styles.
-Friendships that last a Lifetime.
-Global Yoga Contacts -Healing through music / art / yoga / activism
-An awareness of local & global needs within our yoga communities

What do You have to LOSE?
-Ego-Fear-Single Mindedness-Loneliness

What say ye the people in Middle Tennessee? Willing to step outside the “cyber box” to share love through yoga?

Our TN Hub:

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