*There is no doubt in my mind I am a spiritual creature on a human adventure!

*Each day I practice loving compassion and begin the process of healing all old wounds, ridding my life of all karmic debt, examining external influences, societal pressures with no judgment and the ability to learn from each event in my life : those that bring joy as well as those that bring suffering and/or pain.

*I take responsibility for my life and my decisions and believe that with each decision I made, the consequences have the potential to bring fantastic lessons and new understandings. (sometimes more than we think we can bear – but this is our adventure, so we chose the level of discomfort we are willing to go through.

*Realizing that everything that separates us from one another is being used to capitalize on our weaknesses.

*Most things are generally not as bad as the “FEAR” that leads up to them.

*Still believes in the basic good in people and wants to be a mirror that can reflect to them their own beauty!

This is my personal blog, but much of my personal life is full of what my professional life is built upon – healing. Healing BEgins with thought and evolves from the INside :: OUT!

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