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Facebook Censorship for BCABPP Challenged

Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project BCABPP

Stop Censorship on Facebook

It has come to our attention that Facebook is now censoring images being posted for this project. I have used social media long enough to know that they censor who and want they want.  I see pornographic material on there daily.  I see women using their bodies to illicit business in their avatar usage.  What I want to know is HOW can they censor a project that uses the human canvas and creates ART – when they allow nude paintings and other photos to be shown?  I am positive that our children see more T & A while surfing through Facebook (and other online venues), as well as just turning on the television, opening a magazine or going to a beach!   To sign our petition in support of the project and against facebook censorship on the : Care2 Petition Site

About the project ….

Resident Fuddy Duddy:

I am the resident fuddy duddy.  I do not support using a woman’s body to illicit sexual response from the viewing end, I find that distasteful and part of the problem with “dehumanizing women” in the world view.  If you look at Playboy or other magazines … they are called ===> “bunnies?”  I don’t want to be soft fluffy bunny for your viewing pleasure!  I want to be a survivor who stands up for what I believe in and support!

The BCABPP project selected women from around the globe.  Different sizes, shapes and stories and provided them an outlet to feel beautiful again and use their voice to raise awareness & gain support for PREVENTION of this disease.

This is from the creator of the project, who speaks out for the women who do not have a voice!

Today – 10.20.11
We NEED YOU RIGHT NOW…. FACEBOOK HAS AGAIN CENSORED AND DELETED FIVE SURVIVOR IMAGES – During Breast Cancer Awareness Month no less. Does anyone have press or news contacts? This CENSORSHIP IS UNACCEPTABLE. They deleted images of women with no nipples and the latest image where her breasts are entirely covered!!! PLEASE HELP AND ALSO SIGN OUR PETITION!!!

I believe these survivor images are all in good taste and I have created them with the idea of them being shown in public spaces – spaces even where children would see them. Unfortunately, in our increasingly PC and corporate safe, sometimes ultra-conservative world we are running into issues with these selfless inspiring survivor images being either outright CENSORED and removed or Blocked in some other manner making it unnecessarily difficult for them to be seen.

They have been safe enough for magazine covers and primetime TV broadcast (so far by a PBS program, CNN en Español, Univision and Telemundo just to name a few.

This is not just nudity for a cause – it’s bodies covered in paint. It is no more revealing then a silk blouse on a cold day. Is just the bump of a nipple enough to cause such a stir??? Some of the women have no nipple reconstruction at all.

These women deserve to be supported and applauded for coming forth to participate in such a vulnerable way – NOT to be made to feel that they did something that they should need to hide or conceal or be ashamed of. SHAME ON YOU FACEBOOK AND FLICKR.

If you support this project and are offended by it’s CENSORSHIP and not by it’s natural human beauty please sign and comment below. 🙂

thank you for your support…


More about the project:

An all Breast Cancer Survivor project for awareness, fundraising, inspiration and healing worldwide.

Description ::  

 Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project:

A Fine Art & Photography Essay of Survivors.

The collection of images is also currently on display at:


2713 East Commercial Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


So far 25 brave and incredible women have selflessly stepped forward and been painted for the project.

I may be the creator but these SURVIVORS are the project. Everything is a true collaboration of the women the body painter(s) and my work as well. All of it then shared and appreciated by the people it touches. Every link in the chain is important 🙂

“When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.”

~John Ruskin

“Nudity is the garment of the soul”


“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

~ Amelia Earhart

*** This page and project is deemed “Child Safe” ***





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