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The 411 on Yoga and Cancer

SACREDspace Studio - the 411 on Yoga and Cancer

SACREDspace Studio – the 411 on Yoga and Cancer

Most of us will never hear the words, “Your biopsy came back positive – it was malignant!” However, chances are that someone in your circle of family or friends will be affected by this deadly and indiscriminate disease. Hopefully you will revisit this article for suggestions on how Yoga benefits an individual (before, during and after) through each stage of treatment!

Yoga Before
Upon notification that cancer has been detected and prior to any treatment regime is the perfect time to begin a yoga practice, if not already included into your daily routine. Without a doubt there will be added anxieties and fears to address. However, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mind & body is to stay in a calm. In yoga, it is called meditation and it allows us to focus and prepare.

Yoga During
Depending on the type of cancer or treatments required, your daily practice might need to be modified but not forgotten. When you feel the worst and the weakest, can be the best time for yoga. Don’t be afraid to push your body a little! Perhaps you can pick one asana (pose) and build up your strength gradually versus doing an entire class. The breathing exercises are beneficial at every stage of life or cancer. Recent surveys suggest, doing yoga while going through cancer treatments assists with insomnia that accompanies many of the chemotherapy drugs, physical aches and pains, as well as an overall sense of well being.

Yoga After
During the coming months be gentle with yourself and realize you have just fought a battle for LIFE. Your life! As a survivor you have so much to look forward to and yoga will accommodate and grow with you. If you continue this practice, you will find yourself able to deal with all aspects of life from a renewed perspective and place of love. Yoga is a lifestyle that incorporates conscious intentions and thought into all aspects. If you have made it this far, there is no doubt you are on the road to your healthy life. If you can “see it,” you can “be it” and yoga can help you get there with regards to wellness.

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