What to Bring

What to expect / bring:
Are you ready to try that yoga class that you have seen on your gym’s schedule, or maybe to visit the yoga studio that was advertising classes? Don’t hesitate to try to try them. Yoga is a form of exercise which bypasses many others in its simplicity. The following will get you started:

1. Yoga is typically practiced with bare feet. The only shoes you will need are those which will get you through the door. Remember that your gym may require that closed toe shoes are worn at all times, but be prepared to take them off once you get into the room where class will take place.

2. For legs you will probably want breathable, but fitted, leggings, shorts or pants. If you prefer, you can also try looser or drawstring pants. Just be aware that if they are too loose, then they will get in the way of some of your poses as they shift and move around. Some of the yoga pants at your local department stores ride very low below the waist. Try the pants on before you buy them. Make sure that you can reach for your toes without feeling like you are missing something on your backside. For tops consider that you will be moving in every direction, including inversions, which put your head toward the floor. T-shirts are usually too loose to make appropriate yoga tops. Women may want to wear tops that fit closer to the collarbone unless you have a quality sports bra. To optimize your comfort, choose clothes that specifically mention that they are breathable or moisture wicking.

3. Yoga mats are often supplied by your gym or studio. The question is whether you would feel more comfortable buying your own mat, since you never are sure of how often public-use mats are cleaned. Many stores carry them now. Try a discount department store like TJ Maxx, Ross or Marshall’s. Some of my favorite mats have been purchased for less than $12. If you can find one that is 1/4 of an inch rather than 1/8 of an inch thick, then you will be surprised by the difference that that extra bit of cushion makes. Eco-friendly and recycled material mats are sold at places like Gaiam.com. Don’t worry if you can’t find one right away. You can bring a towel to put over your gym’s mat until you find your own.

4. An empty stomach is recommended for a successful yoga practice. If you are like me, then you need to graze on a regular basis. Just try not to eat anything at least one hour before you come to class; or if you do, make it a healthy snack like a small apple or some nuts. The key here is to not have a full or heavy stomach, or a body which is trying to digest a buffet lunch. Too much liquid in the belly will also make you uncomfortable. If you get thirsty during class, then take only small sips of water.

5. An open mind is the best prop to bring to your yoga class. Most people find that yoga is not what they expected it would be. (This is usually a good thing.) Almost everyone that I talk to who has just tried their first class, say that they thought yoga would be really easy or boring. I’m always delighted to hear their first impressions.

If you have any health or medical conditions please send us a short, but descriptive email prior to class.

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