OM Times Magazine – May 2012 James Van Praagh

OM Times Magazine - May 2012 James Van Praagh_

OM Times is very excited to have the legendary James Van Praagh on the cover of OM Times Magazine. James is one of the best known and respected Mediums in the world and has been the subject of multiple television shows, including his own, Beyond with James Van Praagh, and a CBS miniseries about his life and work, Talking to Heaven. James was also an inspiration for and consultant to the popular TV series The Ghost Whisperer.

OM Times is a Holistic Green eZine with a Spiritual, Self-growth perspective for the Conscious Community. OM Times was created to share new ways of thinking to promote Healing on personal, community and global levels; and to bring attention to the individuals and organizations that are making a difference.

OM Times: The Rolling Stone of the Conscious Community.

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