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In July 2006, Will Bowen proposed to his community “The challenge for the 21 days” in order to help eliminate any trace of complaint or regret and its harmful consequences for the individual.His proposal was very simple: “I place an purple bracelet with the inscription A WORLD WITHOUT COMPLAINT and hold for 21 days without making any complaint or criticism”, so be it “I have a headache” or “nothing is going well for me “.If during this period emit a cry, you must change the bracelet from wrist and start over. Most of the participants managed to overcome this challenge, but it took a minimum of 5 months, a time showed the presence of the culture of complaint in our lives.A challenge that will change your life and your fellowNow we’re proposing to meet this challenge 21 days without complaining, without criticism or gossip … if you do, you’ve made your life a paradise free from disease. You will have better morale, less pain, more favorable relations, higher self-esteem, etc. You’ll be a happier person and harmonious.

If you do not like something, change it.
If you can not change your
Do not complain.

Think you can accept the challenge?

Six million people have already achieved since 2006 when Will Bowen launched this campaign in the U.S.. Every day more people are added to achieve a better world. Mexico already has an organization to support “A World Without Complaints”Many people said they did not complain too much, but with exercise, they realized that they did on average 20 times a day.Complaining has become a pandemicHave you noticed that there is always something to complain about ? The weather, traffic, insecurity in the streets, the lies of politicians, health, money is not enough, and so on., Etc. The only thing we gain with the complaint is feeling worse.”When we criticize, complain or judge, we are issuing a discordant energy. This energy, Law of Attraction, will be returned to us, but multiplied. This fuels that of which we complain and do it bigger “

In the complaint you connect with low-energy fields weaken you, make you vulnerable to disease, social conflict and deprivation. On the contrary if you talk about gratitude you connect to high-power fields in the levels at which develops personal power.Our proposal is simple:
LEAVE THE COMPLAINT AND fills you with gratitude…. So keep a special observation of your thoughts and words and every time you find yourself complaining, expresses gratitude to the life, work, health … or anything you can thank my heart … always something to thank. Each time it issues a complaint will have to start the count of days from one.Think of a complaint or criticism and not say, you also own?Luckily NO.
Only the words from your mouth are what count in this case.Those who have managed to recognize that it is not easy, but after three weeks or more, it takes you to achieve the goal, let’s criticize even the mind. No need for you to put a purple bracelet, use a stone in your pocket or something simple. The important thing is to learn to realize that sometimes we complain, without giving strength to do this, simply change the arm or wrist and pocket stone YA. The important thing is to realize, not to blame. And start again until after 21 days.Why 21 days?Scientists say it takes 21 days to create a habit. We take 21 days to quit the complaint and form a new habit of gratitude.”Complaining is not to be confused with constructive criticism through which you do know someone who has made a mistake or have a deficiency in a way that can be improved. And refrain from complaining does not necessarily mean supporting bad behavior or attitudes. There is nothing wrong with telling the waiter that the soup is cold and needs to be heated, if you stick to the facts, which are always neutral. – GIVE ME BUT HOW COLD SOUP? – Now that’s complaining. “

Adelante! … Demuéstrate accepts the challenge … if you can, and live the experience of gratitude as a “feel” … and amounts to a higher level of consciousness and waking, where the panorama of life will be more spacious and nice to you. ..


I assume the challenge?

21 days without complaining
For a Better Life For a better world

Food for thought …

I thought my life was wrong. I always felt something was missing. Then I talked with God.- I complained that I went wrong at work, but grateful that I have hands to work.- I complained of having to endure the noise of my brothers, but thanked her for having a family.- I complained when I had what I liked to eat, but I forgot to thank having nothing to eat.- I complained about my salary, as thousands do not even have one stand.- I complained because it did not turn off the light in my room to leave, but I did not think that many homeless people where having some light on.- I complained about not sleeping a little more, forgetting who would give anything to have your body healthy to get up.- I complained because my mother scolded me, when millions would like to keep it alive to honor and embrace.- I complained because I had no time, when I was asked to give a talk about Jesus, forgetting what a privilege it is to tell others of His infinite love.God enlightened me in that conversation and then I realized my selfishness and ungrateful I’ve been with him was when I then began to thank all that was forgotten, and even more than those for which both I complained.Remember this saying: “Poor are those who, at the end of the day, do not know what or who to thank.”May God bless your day! And you know … Do not complain!

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