Project Kindness : Teaching Kindness Using Art & Crafts

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Teaching Kindness Using Art & Crafts

Coming to Your Rural Community Soon!

This program will not only teach people who to use their hands and create something artistic or crafty, the finished pieces will be donated to those in need. Cancer centers, homeless shelters, afterschool programs etc… PLEASE VOTE!!!

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---------------------------------------- PERSONAL: ---------------------------------------- I am a human, daughter, woman, sister, mother, friend, lover. I have traveled and been stationary. Teacher & student simultaneously. I have lived, loved, laughed, cried, screamed, been alone and had the pleasure of feeling the molecular universal hug from God and the universe and KNOWING I am never alone! As a breast cancer survivor, I was forced to confront the enemy - and to my own amazement, it was ME! Re-evaluation on my entire life began. An introduction and immediate connection on the value of incorporating a Yoga "practice" into daily life schedule. The natural and universal philosophies to seek reconnection with ALL that is GO(o)D occurred subliminally. The healing that began within - led me to feel free to share LOVE to others. From that discovery point I have begun taking my infant steps back into the arms of a "welcoming humanity!"
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